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First Realty Property Management, Ltd.
About Us
First Realty Property Management’s team includes six (6) full-time property managers, a construction manager, a staff attorney, and a Certified Public Accountant.  Our team provides varying levels of expertise to our client accounts.  The homeowner associations enjoy the widest range of services, with two (2) associations, Three Village and The Carlyle, each being managed by full-time, on-site property managers.  The other associations are provided with services closely matched to their individual requirements.
First Realty Property Management is a highly-trained professional organization.  It is actively involved in the Institute of Real Estate management (IREM), and is an Accredited Management Organization (AMO), a designation only awarded to firms that have met and maintained IREM’s qualifications for integrity and fiscal stability.  To ensure continued excellence, each firm’s accreditation is reviewed every two (2) years.  IREM is a national association of over 10,000 individuals engaged in full-time, professional property management who strive to achieve effective management through adhering to stringent requirements in the areas of education and experience as well as a commitment to a code of professional ethics.  Participation in IREM has enabled First Realty to fully utilize the knowledge and experience gained from the organization’s nationwide exposure.
First Realty is owned by the Aveni family.  The Aveni brothers have a long and distinguished history in the real estate development, management and brokerage business lasting in excess of over sixty (60) years.  Joseph T. Aveni, is a Certified Property Manager (CPM) and a former past National President of IREM (1977).  The CPM designation is the property management industry’s highest recognition of individuals whose real estate experience, education, ethical business practice and personnel management abilities have warranted distinction by IREM.  James A. Grasso, Legal Counsel, has over eighteen (18) years of experience in real estate development, including acquisition, financing, leasing and management.  William P. Pender, Chief Financial Officer, is a certified public accountant with over seventeen (17) years of financial experience in real estate asset management.  In addition, several First Realty property managers are licensed realtors in the process of attaining their CPM designation.  Our property managers are under direct supervision of the management team and adhere to procedures and programs designed to enhance as well as produce growth in property values.
Professional asset management is the value-added link between acquisition and disposition in the real estate investment cycle.  The effective application of professional asset management techniques supplements the success of each individual management function.  Our goal is to provide first-class, day-to-day property management services, plus value-added services aimed at enhancing the market value of the property in order to ensure the maximum return on investment.
First Realty believes that professional asset management is a “people business”.  Our trained, dedicated and specialized staff utilizes state-of-the art techniques and equipment to ensure that each property is managed in accordance with its owners’ specific goals.



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